Complement your period home

Selecting light fixtures that align with the era of your home can create a cohesive space. Whether your home features Victorian architecture or Georgian design, incorporating lighting from the corresponding period helps to add a touch of authenticity. By embracing period lighting, you can truly celebrate the history and character of your home.


Contrast your modern space

Introducing period lighting to a modern space can create a captivating contrast. Whether it’s a vintage inspired chandelier in a contemporary dining room or a retro-inspired pendant in a minimalist living room, you can use period lighting to add personality to your space. The intricate details on period light fixtures can even become focal points and conversation starters.


Explore our period lighting

Immerse yourself in the past with period lighting. By using period lighting throughout your space, you can recreate the ambience of a specific era. Whether you are looking for antique pendants or contemporary sconces, we have a wide range of light fittings for you to explore.

need a little help?

If you are having trouble finding the right lighting, get in touch. We can advise you on which period lighting will best suit your space.