What are the three types of lighting?

Ambient lighting is the foundation of most lighting schemes. It aims to evenly distribute light around a room, creating an inviting atmosphere. This type of lighting is typically achieved through ceiling fixtures. However, it can also be created with wall sconces, table lamps and lanterns. These are particularly effective at eliminating any harsh shadows in the corners of the room, ensuring the entire space is illuminated.

Accent lighting is the way to create focal points within your space. Its purpose is to highlight any artwork, furnishings or architectural features, drawing attention to specific areas. This usually involves wall mounted fixtures, which can be positioned directly above the desired objects. By strategically placing these light sources, you can add contrast, shadows and dimension to a room.

Task lighting is designed to provide direct illumination. It ensures optimal visibility when completing a task, such as preparing a meal or reading a book. This type of lighting often includes table lamps or wall sconces, providing lighting where you need it most. With perfectly positioned lighting, you should be able to work comfortably, safely and efficiently, without any need to strain your eyes.

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