We were delighted to receive the commission from Keith Gransby at PPHE for 3 large bespoke chandeliers made with real wax candles but lit using eco-friendly LED lamps.  These super light fittings were designed as feature lighting for a new restaurant called OAKS, located in Nottingham who serve simple, locally-produced sausages and meats cooked over wood embers amidst some lovely lighting!

We commissioned 3 large, candle dipping frames to form the basis of the large chandeliers made from mild steel which we powdercoated white and wired up in our workshop at Fritz Fryer Lighting.  We then commissioned 250 traditional, hand made wax candles from Ted at Moorlands Candles.

If you want to see these lovely chandeliers for yourself, why not pop in for lunch or dinner? http://www.oaksnottingham.co.uk