Glass Globe pendant lights, hand blown in the uk

We think our modern glass globe pendant lights here at Fritz Fryer are really rather special.  The glass shades are all hand blown especially for us in the UK by our design, the metal parts of our fittings are all made in Birmingham and the assembly of parts is completed, by hand in our workshop here in Ross-On-Wye.

Glass globe pendant light shades

We have named all our pendant lights after local towns and villages and the glass shades come in a lovely range of colours, shapes and sizes which you can mix and match throughout your home to achieve the perfect lighting design.


The Hereford glass globe pendant light shades

The Hereford Glass Globe Pendant Light is the most popular light that we sell.  Its timeless simplicity makes for a stunning design and these globe pendants are particularly popular when hung in a cluster.  The glass globe shades come in ribbed and clear glass and are also available in smoked and white glass options.

It’s no wonder that the Hereford shade is a best seller – incredibly versatile and adaptable, this gem in the Fritz Fryer collection can be used in a variety of ways. Available in a multitude of sizes, glass types and fittings, the elegant Hereford glass globe is popular in a range of designs, from individual pendant lights to feature lighting cluster chandeliers for stairwells.


Globe pendant lighting ideas

Glass globe pendant lights are the perfect way to amp up the feeling of natural light in your home. With minimalist elegance and soft curves, globe lights make for the perfect interior décor focus, combining the delicate ambiance of fairy lights with modern design.

The lights in our Hereford range perfectly represent the versatility of globe lighting. You can make different style statements depending on the size and type of fixture you choose, decorating you kitchen, dining room and even bathroom in line with the rest of your décor.

The sky is the limit when it comes to the various interior design options globe lights offer. From modern kitchens to traditional living rooms, the magnificent glass globe shades will be at home in any setting.

More globe lighting styles and ideas.