Let us introduce you to the newest additions in the Fritz Fryer collection; The Flush to wall Grafton Globe light and The Flush to ceiling Grafton Globe Light.

Flush to ceiling lights do not tend to have a great reputation for style and quality, so as lighting specialists, the design team at Fritz Fryer decided it was about time to change this attitude and design a beautiful, fully customisable flush light, that will only ever enhance the deserving space.

Influenced by the Orrery, Grafton Globe, this flush light is the Fritz Fryer solution for low ceilings and tight spaces. To learn more about the Rococo feat of engineering, the Orrery head over to our previous blog post here.

The designers have produced a circular plate to fit a glass dome which is also used in the Grafton Globe pendant light. The plate houses 2 lamp holders that sit side by side, each facing towards the outer edge of the dome, so 2 small bulbs (we recommend the LED Mini Tube) can fit, achieving lots of light from this small enclosed space.

The glass dome sits onto a brass semi circular metal frame and is fastened with a brass dome nut and a finial ball. Precise detailing that Fritz Fryer are renowned for.

This wall and ceiling light is fully customisable and can also be converted for bathroom use. You can choose from 4 metal finishes for the plate and metal work; Polished Brass, Nickel, Bronze and Antique Brass. There is also a choice of glass; Clear, Skinny Ribbed, Ribbed, Smoked and White glass.

The Smoked and White Opal glass diffuses the light, providing a subtle glow. The Ribbed and Skinny Ribbed glass teases the eye by slightly distorting the internal metalwork behind the features of the glass, The Clear glass exposes the entire centrepiece to be seen in a contemporary celebration of style. One light with so many different looks!

The Grafton wall and ceiling light is incredibly simple to install, the plate has a bracket which is surfaced mounted, the plate is then screwed to that and the dome fits over and is secured with the dome nut and finial ball – thankfully no fiddly screws or springs!

Characterful cottages with low ceilings or beams, small bejou apartments and cramped study’s need no longer be a headache for lighting schemes. The Grafton wall and ceiling light has been designed to provide the solution without compromising on style and quality.