From boutique hotels to large capacity properties, when it comes to large-scale, commercial projects like hotel renovations, the ability to create an opulent, luxurious feel is vital to your guests’ experience and the subsequent success of your business. However, striking the right balance between durability, functionality and luxury can be a difficult one to achieve.

Luckily, this post will be shining the light on luxury hotel lighting design, offering a selection of interior design ideas for you to consider with your next hotel renovation – ensuring your hotel design impresses guests and adds to their overall experience during their stay.

Make a good first impression

Photo by Mateo Fernández on Unsplash – Hotel lighting – Hotel Lobby lighting

The hotel foyer or reception area seems like a fitting place to start. As your guests’ first exposure to your hotel and brand, setting the tone of what’s to come here is key to making the right first impression.

First and foremost, the reception area needs to be functional in order for guests to seamlessly move through the check-in process. On the other hand, you should make sure it doesn’t feel lacklustre by making it a welcoming haven that exudes luxury and comfort, as inevitably it also acts as a meeting hub for guests during their stay.

With this in mind, ensure there’s a designated seating area on offer and some form of refreshments for guests to enjoy, too. The addition of sumptuous sofas and lounging chairs with plush extras like faux-fur cushions and rugs will add a sense of warmth and texture that’s hard for your guests to resist, while also giving this often characterless space a sense of charm.

Add glamour to bathrooms

Invariably, hotel bathrooms were an afterthought for hotel developers and typically comprised of a modest space, with no windows and a standard bathroom suite and tiles. However, if you’re looking to project a luxury feel, it will pay to give your bathroom design some extra thought to ensure they add to the guests’ experience, too.

Adding a touch of unexpected glamour in a functional space is definitely one way to give your bathrooms the edge. Whether you’re working with a small, windowless box or a more spacious setup, take the time to add at least one statement feature to your bathroom to make it feel less sterile. This could be injecting a tactile feel with some rugged natural stone split face tiles, a statement free-standing bathtub or some beautiful antique bathroom light fittings – even the small details count here and will all contribute to delivering a luxe finish that will stand the test of time

Go dramatic in bedrooms

Thankfully, hotel room decor that’s somewhat sterile, bland and replicated across each and every room in the property is becoming less commonplace, with many modern hotels now favouring interiors that are colourful and creative.

Even if rooms are equally sized and equipped on each floor, the simple addition of a dramatic colour or feature wall can transform an ordinary hotel suite into an extraordinary one. However, when it comes to pulling off a luxury feel it’s important to choose your colour palette and complementing accessories carefully. For example, opting for dramatic walls painted in a brooding navy blue or slate grey will definitely add a moody ambiance, but ensure these hues aren’t overwhelming by pairing them with brass antique lights and pale coloured bed linen. This will work to soften the block colour and add lightening accents.

The same applies for wallpaper. Opt to use it on one feature wall with a large print, marrying it with coordinating fixtures and fittings within the room. An on-trend nature-themed wallpaper works well here to bring the outdoors in when teamed with neutral coloured accents and some low-maintenance faux plants.

Photo by Emile Guillemot on Unsplash – Hotel lighting – Hotel Bedroom lighting

With more and more emphasis on guest experience, hoteliers definitely shouldn’t waste the opportunity to use their hotel’s interior design to add to their patrons’ experience during their stay. Whether you dare to be different with dramatic bedrooms or you hone in on glamour in the bathrooms with one of Fritz Fryer’s beautiful light fittings, we hope you’ll find plenty of inspiration to achieve that luxury feel that also champions functionality.

So, if you are needing a little inspiration regarding hotel lighting look no further than our contemporary range of hand blown glass feature lighting that will create a wow factor in a lobby and a subtle glow in a bathroom when your quests are relaxing in the bath tub.


Author bio:
Suhayl Laher works at Tiles Direct, one of the UK’s largest independent tile distributors and retailers – bringing design inspiration to homeowners, architects and developers.