It wouldn’t be a new year without an overview of upcoming trends! From fashion to technology and of course, interior design, everyone is looking to 2020 as the chance to really mix things up. You’ll hear talk about complete transformation, the look of the future and so on.

Here at Fritz, we are advocates of a more balanced approach. Instead of falling head over heels for a new trend and letting it completely take over your interior design, we suggest sprinkling a few trendy favourites amongst classic pieces that won’t go out of fashion.

Far from reinventing the light bulb, 2020 lighting design trends are set to be more about taking design elements that already work well and embellishing them. Whether you’re an interior designer or a homeowner with an eye for unique looks, here are a few changes you can make to your décor:

1. Make Retro the new Modern with Edison light bulbs

Spiral LED bulbs

Okay we lied. This year one of the big trends is actually reinventing the light bulb. Or rather, reshaping how it’s used in interior décor. Playing up the vintage appeal of the gorgeous Edison light bulbs, designers will be edging towards the warmer spiral LED bulbs we have to offer, a twist on the retro style and a timeless favourite of those searching for the look of days past.

Mixing the old with the new, you can get an energy-efficient LED bulb in the classic Edison style, so the cosy retro look doesn’t end up racking up power consumption. Use these bulbs to add some warmth to your kitchen or lounge, to soften the stern look of industrial design features or simply sprinkle a vintage element into a modern home.

2. Take lighting design through the looking glass with treated shades

Copper Moccas Industrial Pendant Light

Lighting is jumping on the glass bandwagon alongside furniture this year, with designers turning to elegant glass shades with a coloured or matte finish. Think pendants or wall lights with a stripped back metal finish and a glass shade full of character. You can take your pick from matte, smoked or clear blown glass and play around with finish patterns such smooth, ribbed and skinny ribbed shades. The combinations are endless!

Since 2020 is also the time when all-out is the new norm, choosing lighting fixtures with a touch of gold will give your space a trendy look without seeming over-the-top. Customising your glass pendant with a gold metal finish is a great way to turn your light into a statement fixture.

You could also take the more understated, metallic route to shiny fixtures and opt for copper industrial pendants that pair well with stripped back Scandi furniture. Or, you could go all out 20s (same decade, different century) and choose an elaborate chandelier with gold details, which will be particularly at home in a themed drinks venue or a stately home filled with traditional pieces.

3. Go the full circle with geometric lights

The Hereford Family

The future of interiors is geometric, and that extends to light shades as well. Stripping lighting design back to essential shapes is an inspired way to give fixtures character whilst also ensuring they can fit with a variety of décors.

Circles and globes in particular will be trending in 2020, as curved lines take the lead, reflecting the move towards creating a softer atmosphere. Depending on the overall style of the space you are furnishing, introducing lights with a globe shape can add some retro pizazz, make a bold statement or seamlessly blend into the room’s landscape.

4. Return back to the future with Art Deco

School House Pendant Light

This year, lighting is finally embracing Mid-century Modern and Art Deco, styles which go back as far as the last time it was the twenties, and have been consistently popular with other areas of interior design. Carrying on with the theme of simple geometric shades, these styles introduce an artsy twist of unique natural shapes to the picture. Choosing an Art Deco pendant, wall light or lamp is a great way to add a touch of whimsy to the aesthetics of any space.

5. Refine the Industrial vibe

Wye Valley Pendant Light

In a shift away from its typical rustic warehouse aesthetic, the Industrial look of 2020 features more refined elements, including elegant designs created with greater attention to detail as well as combining glass with metal. Our Wye Valley pendant light is a perfect example of this trendy look.

This year is the perfect time to experiment if you’ve always been drawn to the industrial aesthetic but never been brave enough to try it out in your interior designs. Using an industrial lighting fixture created in the new refined style is the perfect way to shake up the look of a dining area or a kitchen island. Not to mention industrial wall lights make for a great statement piece of art.