Are you looking for a new statement light to illuminate your hallway? Meet our contemporary take on a classic Georgian style hall lantern that will have you turning up the light on your ‘warm welcome’ in no time…

Rediscover your hallway
The change of the decade brings a chance to re-imagine your hallway: the central space of the home.  This is where you welcome friends, family and guests; and first impressions count.

Not only do our hallways function as the main thorough-fayre of our homes but there’s also somewhere where we stop, pause and take stock. From kids sitting on a bench having their shoes put on; sneaking that last minute glance in the mirror or using your hallway as the in-house art gallery space. A great light is the grand finale…the final showstopper that brings the design together!

As our hallways are multifunctional spaces, good lighting is essential. However lighting can often be left to the end of a design scheme. But, here at Fritz Fryer, we think your lighting choices should be one of the first aspects of design you focus on. A great light can shape the rest of the space – from choosing wall colours to furniture, and can also affect how dark and moody or light and airy you want the space to feel.

Based on a traditional hallway pendant light, and brand new to the exclusive Fritz Fryer collection, the Harewood End Lantern is a classic piece that adds a touch of warmth and welcoming glow. Using three decorative LED bulbs (Link to well-Lit LED) in place of traditional use candles enabling you to control the atmosphere from a single button, (perfect for ensuring you have the best light for the lipstick application!); the new Harewood End Lantern gives you the opportunity to create a relaxing atmosphere that will provide a welcome entrance for any guests.

Silver or Bronze?
When it comes to deciding which metal finish to choose you firstly need to consider your surroundings. For instance, if you have an internal hallway without any natural light, we suggest opting for the silver finish with its reflective surface…the lantern will dazzle when illuminated! Or why not try a bronze finish for a more modern look which will look great against your polished concrete flooring?

Like any room in your home, layering levels of lighting in a hallway is essential.

Alongside the splendour of the Harewood End Lantern, adding wall lights to an entrance space is a great way of introducing more ambient light. In a traditional home, popular styles like Rococo and Haddon Hall sconces are a great way to compliment your lantern whilst in a fresh contemporary setting the industrial wall lights would be ideal.

Assembled by our team of specialists measuring at a height of 1000mm and a width of 1000mm and with the choice of four metal finishes, The Harewood End is your answer to your interior dilemmas.

Want to see how it’s made? Take a look at our video to see the details on the handmade lantern.