How do you make kitchen lighting functional but beautiful?

We asked Laura Butler-Madden, the ultimate influencer of interiors & lifestyle those #goals.

Kitchen lighting, where do you start…
The varying styles, options on the glass type and the different colour and finish combinations are endless. How many lights should you put over your kitchen island? At what height should the pendants hang? What spacing do they need between them? With so many questions it is easy to get into a flap about kitchen lighting so we thought we would ask some tips from the professionals that use our lighting in the real world.

In recent years our lighting has been used in some absolutely beautiful lighting schemes, notably by Laura herself. A relatively new product at the time, Laura used our Wellington pendant lights above her kitchen island in her home, the ultimate seal of approval, and the images of the gorgeous space went wild over on social media.

Since then we have worked with Laura in subsequent projects over the years and we always adore her designs so who better to ask for insider advice when it comes to interior design.

Take a look at what tips Laura has to share and what it means to define the “Butler-Madden style”

Q. What do you look for when sourcing kitchen lighting?
A. When designing lighting for a kitchen, I am always considering two things; the practical task lighting and the decorative lighting that helps add wow factor to the space. The task lighting is usually in the form of spots and LED lighting – LED can work really well under shelves and cabinets – they are hidden but can light the important food preparation areas. 

The decorative lighting is the fun part and I usually use a mixture of pendants and wall lights for this. I love classic glass pendants above islands – particularly the elegant shape of the Wellington, which I have used in a few kitchens now.


Q.How do you use colour within your designs?
A.I love to design spaces that are elegant, timeless and calm. My colour palette ranges from pastels to stronger colours, but always with a lovely softness and I usually introduce the character to the space through texture, artwork and colourful accessories.


Q. Can you define your style when it comes to kitchen design?
A. I find it very hard to define my style – if I had to sum up in two words, they would be elegant and fun. I love to have fun with pattern, texture and art against a calm backdrop. Usually it will be one of these things that will inspire the scheme and then I let it evolve from there. A bit like a painting, start simple and then slowly add the layers!

Like what Laura has to say? Head over to her Instagram account where she regularly uploads inspirational but factual images about spaces in her own home and take a look at her Home & Lifestyle blog

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