You may already know, but we are proud of our heritage here at Fritz Fryer Lighting. So much so that every handmade light we make, we also name after a town or village here in Herefordshire. For example, the county town here is Hereford, the name of our ever popular glass globe shade.

So why do we name our products after places in the Wye Valley?
Simple really, have you seen the area?  

We are lucky to have the Wye Valley protected under the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty act and we are proud to be a manufacturer in this area. If you plan to visit our showroom, chances are you will catch snippets of the area on your travels, we always try to encourage others to come and share this wonderful part of the country.

We are talking as if you have all visited the Wye Valley before, but for those who haven’t, here are a few reasons why you need to add the area to your staycation list this year…

A picture perfect viewing point of the Wye Valley

Symonds Yat Rock is a famous viewing point overlooking the Wye Valley, the ultimate landscape photographer’s day out, to top it off they have a lovely café at the top which does some really good cake! A definite Fritz recommendation.

When visiting the Wye Valley you need to eat here!
@leonardsat39 a beautiful tapas bar & restaurant based at the top of our hometown Ross-on-Wye, offering a huge selection of cocktails and tasty tapas food! While dining be sure to sit back and look up at one of our custom chandeliers illuminating the seating area.

The Wye Valley Pendant Light
The handblown glass Wye Valley is available in 2 different Glass finishes, can be suspended on over 21 different metal and flex combinations. Depending the look you are trying to achieve, this light can tick many boxes for you.

The unique shape makes the Wye Valley a great pendant to illuminate your kitchen island. As it is shallow it is perfect for those spaces with lower ceiling heights, another tick in that box!

Making for eye catching restaurant lights
We can all agree the eating out experience starts as soon as we walk through the restaurant doors, the right light in the walkways and dining areas sets the atmosphere of the special evening you have planned with your loved ones. The skinny ribbed Wye Valley pendant light creates a lovely glow for users but a totally different industrial, eye catching look when stood next to it, featured here at @thebookshop in Hereford.