Fitting the perfect ceiling light


How do I hang pendant lighting on a sloped ceiling? Are there pendant lights for sloped ceilings? These are two of our most frequently asked questions. We know that installing and finding lighting to fit your sloped ceiling can appear like a daunting task initially but we are here to guide you through it.


How do you hang pendant lights on a sloped ceiling?

We are often asked about installations for ‘difficult’ ceilings. Where a sloping ceiling is involved we tend to recommend that our customers keep it simple and just fit the ceiling plates straight onto the ceiling at an angle, allowing the pendants to hang straight down, just like they do here.



This image shows our beautiful Ribbed Ledbury pendant lights hanging at a 45-degree angle. We offer a stunning variety of glass pendant light designs, which are all hand blown and hand made in the UK, so one of our designs is sure to suit your space.

A stunning choice of ceiling lights

Fitting the pendant in this way offers a clean and simple solution which, we hope you agree, looks stunning. This beautiful kitchen was designed by EAP Design.

To summarise, lighting your sloped ceiling can be a task made easy by installing a pendant light. Gravity is your best friend when it comes to installing lights on a difficult ceiling.



If you’d like to discuss the right lighting for your sloped ceiling, get in touch with our expert team at Fritz Fryer today and we will be more than happy to help. You can also browse our collection of pendant lighting to help you make up your mind.