Deciding the lighting that will hang above the carefully decorated Christmas dining table, is not a decision that should be taken lightly.


You may be asking yourself; ‘which would look better with my style? A pendant light or a chandelier?’ Chances are whichever light you choose, is also one you will live with for a while. Well, Fritz is here to help you understand the benefits, challenges and key features that come along with these two lighting styles.


Our deep dive into the pendant light will begin with fitting.

One of our most popular displays of over dining table lighting, is a row of three pendant lights. A common challenge that comes with this specific fixture, is that a single electrical point can only support one singular pendant light. If you only have one electrical point above your dining table but want to include the unforgettable three in a row pendant light display, consider installing a linear bar.

Choosing a pendant light to fit your style can be a lengthy and extremely difficult process. Let’s take a closer look at our popular pendant light glass shades and begin to decipher the best fit for you.

Ribbed Ledbury – this beautiful and sleek glass shade is a stunning feature above a Christmas dining table. The ribbed glass offers a subtly retro feel, while also maintaining a completely unique and modern look. This glass shade, on a polished brass pendant set, is a festive favourite that is sure to wow dinner guests.

White glass Upton – our white glass has a considerably wintery feel to it, with its resemblance to frosted glass, coupled with the warm and cosy light that it omits when turned on. The Upton shade is a unique shape that feels sophisticated yet playful. Pairing this white glass Upton shade with a nickel and red flex cable pendant set appears distinctly festive, while also subtle enough to transition seamlessly throughout the seasons.

Pendant lights are the perfect hanging dining room lights to include in a space that is in need of some contemporary, statement lighting.


Here at Fritz, we offer a large selection when it comes to chandeliers. Incorporating a beautiful statement chandelier as the focal point to your festive dining set up, can be a lot easier than you think.


Our extremely popular Marcle Crystal Chandelier is a show stopping piece that would look stunning above a sophisticated Christmas scene. The Marcle is also customisable, with a choice of four metal finishes and over twenty flex cable colours. For the festive season, a darker metal finish, such as bronze or antique brass create a cosier aesthetic.

Choosing a chandelier over a pendant light, is a perfect idea for those with a larger space. The larger size of this lighting style will ensure that a greater area is occupied and illuminated.

So, the key points you should take from this, and remember when you consider choosing between these two lighting styles to light your dining table; a pendant pendant light is perfect for a much more contemporary look, while a chandelier is a lighting fixture that is decidedly more traditional.

We know you’ll love your light, no matter what style you choose.