Right now home is our sanctuary and these upcoming trends embrace all of the beauty and warmth that comes from the countryside, the perfect inspiration for your stylish haven.

As a company that’s home is nestled in the delightful scenery of Herefordshire, we love all things countryside and cosy. The comfort of a rural retreat is extremely sought after at the moment, incorporating this into your interior style will bring the country to you.

There are 3 countryside-centric upcoming trends for 2021: Cottagecore, Rustic Vogue and Contemporary Country.


Key features:

  • Bringing natural elements indoors
  • Natural colour pallet
  • Vintage/nostalgia

What is Cottagecore? 

The name itself gives some hints as to the overall influence of this trend – drawing on the traditional look and feel of a cottage, Cottagecore is elegant and luxurious, with the warmth and comfort of traditional cottage style.

The overarching nostalgic elements of Cottagecore are perfect for anyone who finds themselves at home in traditional comforts.

How to use lighting to achieve a Cottagecore look?

Introducing a mixture of vintage and antique pendant lights will capture the nostalgic aesthetic of the Cottagecore style.

Adding an LED bulb with a warm colour temperature emulates the warmth that this style desires. All of our lights can include a dimmer switch, which is another great way to create a cosy atmosphere through lighting.

Try to steer away from a chrome or nickel finishing. These finishings are great, but not for Cottagecore as they aren’t quite the vintage, nostalgic cosyness that you’re looking to achieve here. Antique brass may be just the metal you’re searching for!

Top 5 Cottagecore lighting picks


1.This antique cut glass pendant light optimises the luxurious, nostalgic Cottagecore components.

2.The petal-like design vintage pendant light embodies the romantic fancies of the trend.

3.The frills on this gorgeous vintage coolie manifest the whimsical charm that comes with Cottagecore.

4.More contemporary than antique? A ribbed glass Ledbury pendant light exudes a similarly vintage vibe that is perfect for the Cottagecore style.

5.This playful pendantembodies the romantic view of nature that this style holds at its core.


Rustic Vogue

Key Features:

  • Texture
  • Rustic materials
  • Natural, exposed wood


What is Rustic Vogue?

A sophisticated take on the much sought after Cottagecore style, Rustic Vogue is a beautiful trend that can introduce a touch of character into the home.

The words ‘rustic’ and ‘Vogue’ together may seem slightly oxymoronic; equating Vogue to the high fashion magazine, and rustic to all things countryside-simple. However, this trend is certainly a seamless blending of those two elements.

Rustic does not always have to mean worn down or old looking. Brass or copper is a great material for creating a rustic feel, while still sticking to a more sophisticated theme.

Think high fashion on holiday in the countryside.

Top 5 Rustic Vogue lighting picks


1. The sleek, sophisticated look of the Hay coolie glass shade, juxtaposed with an antique brass swan neck wall light, is just the meshing of two seemingly distant styles that Rustic Vogue is all about.

2. Copper Moccas are a beautiful, rustic looking pendant light – the right choice for this upcoming 2021 trend.

Click the link above to see exactly how they’re hand made!

3. Rustic Vogue is all about exposed natural materials, so this silver plate and walnut wood chandelier is a match made in heaven.

4.Sleek and homely. A beautiful light to feature in your rustic vogue home.

5.This classic design and retro looking skinny ribbed glass is a gorgeous addition to any room.

Contemporary Country 

Key features:

  • Warm amber tones
  • Embroidery
  • Muted tones mixed with natural textures and prints


What is Contemporary Country?

The traditional country aesthetic has survived the test of time when it comes to interior decorating. While the conventional style of country will forever be cherished, it’s about time it had a little update.

The exciting part of Contemporary Country is it’s desire for an application of nuance and personal preference.

This upcoming trend is exactly as it sounds, an updating of an already beloved style, to welcome it with open arms to 2021.

Include natural materials, cosy prints and colours to achieve the perfect contemporary country look.


1. The ribbon & bow etching and the warm tones, everything you need for a Contemporary Country style. These pendants are unique and stunningly beautiful.

2. A custom bar is a fantastic way to get unique, bespoke lighting just for you.

3. White glass Hay Coolie on an adjustable reading light. This gorgeous wall light, in a polished brass or nickel metal finish, is the subtle and classic lighting solution, perfect for a Contemporary Country home.

4. Combining contemporary Ledbury glass shades, with an antique chandelier is the embodiment of a blending of old and new, that is the Contemporary Country style.

These country-inspired trends are a great solution to the stay-at-home blues. Mix and match the styles per room? Take it and make it your own!