Approached by a private customer, our design team were tasked to create an eye-catching bespoke bathroom chandelier. The design needed to include opal tubes that were completely detachable for cleaning.


After receiving the brief and engaging in further conversations with the client, Simon began the first sketches of the bespoke design. From this, Richard used Solidworks to create a 3D model of the initial light design, which would give the client a better understanding of how their final chandelier may look. Furthermore, the 3D model allowed the designers to work through any logistical challenges they may encounter, before any construction had begun.

As with any bespoke project, there are unforeseen challenges. With this bathroom chandelier, the difficult task was the question of how to illuminate the 64 individual, detachable opal tubes. The innovative solution the design team devised, was to create a ring shaped tray, within which the opal tubes would sit and LED strips would line the inside, lighting the contents.


This gorgeous bespoke chandelier is a unique beauty, consisting of a sleek black ring tray which holds 64 opal tubes of 6 different sizes. It is a design that showcases innovation and imagination.

We can’t forget to mention that this project is the first full bespoke design that Rich, one of our newest designers, has completed! Without his incredible 3D skills, we don’t know where this project would be!

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