Clockwork aesthetic

The sophisticated intricacies of clock design have always been a wonder, but it seems as though clockwork is making a big comeback as decoration. While you may be someone who loves to splash out on a gorgeous wrist watch, or have multiple statement wall clocks dotted around the house, here at Fritz Fryer we have our very own take on this trend, in the form of our Aston Lantern. This light embodies the clockwork aesthetic, as the piece itself was inspired by the designer’s appreciation for clock and watch design. Available as a wall lightpendant light and table lamp, this intricate feature light can subtly introduce the clockwork aesthetic into your home.

Biophilic design

It’s true that we’re spending a lot more time inside, and with that comes a loosening of our connection with nature. While life seems to be coming to us more, through the ability to stay connected on social media and work from home, it is important to also bring nature to you. Bring nature inside with you and you will feel more connected to it. Research suggest that biophilic design can increase creativity and reduce stress – what’s not to love about that!? Create biophilic office design by including plants to your workspace, or similarly by adding them to your bedroom. Surround yourself with nature, and compliment that nature with the Fritz Fryer a Wicker pendant light. The shade itself is formed of hand-woven willow that has been grown in English wetlands. Not only does this wicker shade fit seamlessly into biophilic design, the handmade shape reminds us of the beauty that nature can help us to create. The willow for this pendant has been sustainably grown and sourced, completely in the UK.

Chequerboard pattern

For some, chequerboard pattern may seem like something hard to include in interior design. For others, it’s a go to. While cheques are having their moment in the sun, we’ve got our own little piece to add to the chequers game. While it is just a small contribution, the Black & White overbraid flex cable will put your pretty Fritz Fryer pendant light right on trend. It could be a great way to pay homage to those cheque tiles that you love in your kitchen, or used simply as a subtle nod to your trend knowledge.

Luxury design 

It can be easy to forget to add luxury to those quiet corners of the house. Well, luxurious interiors are coming in, and it’s time that you added some extravagance to the forgotten spaces in your home. Luxury laundry room design? How could that be achieved? Easily, through the simple addition of polished brass metal components to your light. Polished brass is our name for the gold coloured metal finish that is available with all of our light fittings, from pendant lights to wall lights. Add a few polished brass swan neck wall lights to light a forgotten about space, and transform it into the luxurious room that you’ll be inviting everyone in to marvel at.

Goth kitchen décor

This trend may seem daunting on first appearances, but I’ll let you in on a little secret, Goth kitchen design doesn’t always have to be as dramatic as it may sound. Gothic architecture dates aback to the 12th century, characterised originally by stained glass windows, gorgeous (and slightly spooky looking) castles and churches. In the 19th century, Gothic made it’s comeback. Poetry and stories were dedicated to the eerie beauty of this by-gone architectural style. Gothic antique lighting follows the same beautiful, intricate designs that are synonymous with the original architectural style. A kitchen can be brought to life with a Gothic antique light as a central focus above a dining table – yes it’s really that simple!