As another year begins its opening chapter, it’s time to start looking forward to what 2023 may bring in the way of interior design trends.

This is your guide to some of the interior hot-picks to look out for this year, and how you can use your Fritz Fryer lights to incorporate them into your home.


It is no secret that designing sustainably has been at the forefront of many minds for quite a while, and this year will see a continued desire to design with the planet in mind. Sourcing accessories for the home that are created with a conscience is a notion that has become increasingly popular with each passing year. At Fritz Fryer our driving ethos is one of sustainability, and our most natural shade – the Wicker pendant light – is made of willow that has been completely grown and handmade in the UK. Its natural material is delicately formed into the desired shape and is not subject to any chemicals in the process. Add an LED bulb for a beautiful, sustainable light.

Fritz Fryer's 2023 interior design trend predictions

Antique and vintage

Additionally, upcycling and restoring are in. Buying second hand, vintage or antique is an interesting and eco-conscious way of filling your home with interesting lighting, furniture or accessories. As well as our contemporary lighting collections, we also hand-restore and sell antique lights. This side is at the heart of our company – we started out as an antique restoration shop on the Ross-on-Wye high street over 40 years ago. Our expert restoration team have years of experience bringing new life to previously loved lights, with a rich and interesting history. You can find many of our restored antiques on our website, or if you have a light that you would like refurbishing you can contact our team.

Fritz Fryer's 2023 interior design trend predictions

Be Bold 

Fading into the background with unremarkable all white space is out – it’s time to be bold in your colour choices and designs. Adding pops of bright and interesting colour, through accent walls or accessories, is an exciting trend that we are excited to see play out. If you love the idea of adding colour, but aren’t too sure about committing to a bright orange sofa just yet, we offer 21 flex cable colours to accompany our pendants or table lamps. Incorporate a fun pop of colour with a bright flex cable and start adding this trend to your home.

Fritz Fryer's 2023 interior design trend predictions


Order your very own sample pack and choose from over 21 flex cable colours & four metal finishes, to make your next lighting installation stand out from the rest!

Fritz Fryer's 2023 interior design trend predictions