Whether it’s a stunning cluster chandelier in the living room or a cosy white glass pendants over a kitchen island, creating memorable moments should be done beneath the right lighting. Make the space you’d like all of your memories to be in be lit by lighting you love.


Entertain family and friends with the right lighting. Kitchens are a great place to showcase a stunning feature piece, such as the coveted style of three pendant lights over a kitchen island. For those in search of the perfect cosy memories, white glass shade offer a warm glow that heightens a snug atmosphere.

If lighting sources are at a premium the bespoke bar, now available as a standard product on the Fritz Fryer website, can allow you to achieve the beauty of the three pendant look from a singular power point.

Living room

When entertaining guests, sometimes we’d like to show our style, and the Aston is a fantastic light to do so. Line the walls with Aston wall lights for unforgettable feature lights that guests won’t forget in a moment.