Wooden Pattress Lighting Mount

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Product details

Wooden ceiling rose, circular hard wood pattress.  These wooden pattresses help to hide the hole in your ceiling and make the installation of a pendant light simpler, with a much cleaner looking end result.

You can paint your pattress to match your ceiling, varnish it, stain it or simply leave it bare.  The choice is yours!

They are the perfect size to go with our Fritz Fryer Collection ceiling hooks, and suitable for use with the swan necks and spotlights in our Fritz Fryer Collection.

NB, Pattresses are particularly useful if you need to use very long screws to install your light fittings onto a wall or ceiling.  In this instance you can use a long posidrive style screw (not included) to attach the pattress to the ceiling and then the smaller, decorative screws we supply can be used to attach the ceiling plate to the pattress.

Technical Information

Shade size Height Width
S 22mm 90mm
M 22mm 110mm
L 22mm 130mm



Pattress Tech Sheet